The Trustworthy Suspect

Spoken word piece written in May, performed in June.

1st poem as an LA Youth Poet Ambassador.

Again, thanks for all the support. You all are the reason I write, why I share my stories.


Of The People

after Guru of Gangstarr


When did Justice become so prideful, dress herself in

The purest white birthed of a preconceived superiority? This

Nation constantly courts Justice. But she has always lived trife

With us; and America, even though you impose a new way of life

On her, she belongs with us – not there

In the bleached white walls of your courthouse palaces – where you ain’t

Buying her away anymore, and nobody

Is stopping her from taking off the white blindfold you

Gingerly placed over her eyes thinking she can-

Not see the bloodstains spell out, “Only – In God We Trust;”

That she doesn’t cringe whenever you invoke “probable cause” plus

“Lack of evidence” in an institution you molded on certainty – we are certain there’s

No peace until the day she can reject your unwanted advances, and we are no

Longer disillusioned but eager for the return of Justice

And she will no longer carry scales but hold candles and it’s

When I will look into the blackness of the center of her flame just

Praying she will escape you one day and come back to us.



“In this trife life, there ain’t nobody you can trust

Plus there’s no justice, it’s just us.”

-Gangstarr feat. Scarface “Betrayal”

Where I’m From (Spoken Word)

A love poem, an ode

To the city that raised me,

To Los Angeles.


I’m also excited to announce I’ve been honored by Urban Word Los Angeles ( and the City of Los Angeles as Los Angeles Youth Poet Ambassador and a finalist for the title of Los Angeles Youth Poet Laureate. LA residents: please come out and support at the inaugural event in June at the LA Central Library. Thank you WP for all your continued support! One love.

2015 YPL-PROMO-LA-Finals

Where I’m From (Contrapuntal)

Our school’s slam team recently met to discuss writing our own contrapuntal poem after reading and watching Cave Canem poet Jamaal May perform his contrapuntal, “I Do Have A Seam.”

Text of the poem:

A contrapuntal poem is 3 poems in one. The two poems on each column are similar in some way, but also conflict in point of view. The first two poems are read by reading each column down (left column with center line at top, right column with center line at top). The third poem is created by starting from the center line and combining the lines from each column, reading across from left to right, creating an entirely new perspective or poem.

This poem is my contrapuntal, adapted from one of my earlier poems also entitled “Where I’m From.” Enjoy.

Where I'm From

Memory Lane

If I am ever lost

Walking a road

I’ve marked for myself,

I’ll be sure to give

You a call. I’ll follow the sound of your

Shitty ringtone to where you are,

Back where I started –

Still waiting for me to fail.

By the time you pick up

I will be far once more,

Wandering yet another avenue.

Controversial Remedy

‘Political efficacy’ always surged

Painfully through my veins.

The only thing holding me back

From release now is the paycheck

That plugs my cerebral microphone jack.

Sometimes I’ll bleed myself

Onto the LCD screen and hope

My boss doesn’t see the stains.

The blood? It will blossom into

A beautiful secret –

an unedited piece in the Op-Ed section.